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Reg Update

DI DORA Series – Part1: An Overview

A new regulation everybody dealing with technology in financial services talks about, conjures up smiles…
30. October 2023

Which certifications make sense for a business analyst?

Why do I need certifications? Business analysts act as an interface between IT and business…
30. September 2022

How to Navigate Change in the Workplace with Employees

Why Change is Necessary? Change is going on everywhere. No matter what happens in your…
13. September 2022

The Importance of IT Governance for Organizations

A company can invest in the latest technologies and hire outstanding professionals, but without a…
2. September 2022

Agile vs classic project management – do we have to decide and why?

What distinguishes agile project management?  Proponents of the agile working method reject this traditional project…
29. August 2022

The Importance of Cloud Governance for Successful Cloud Adoption

In recent years, the world has seen rapid growth in cloud adoption due to enhanced…
15. February 2022

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Regulatory Update - MaRisk: Precision of the 6th Amendment & Outlook on the 7th Amendment

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