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DORA – Significant changes for financial institutions and third-party ICT service providers

15. October 2021
On 24 September 2020, the EU Commission published a draft law on the Digital Operational…

BaFin publishes amendments to MaRisk, BAIT & ZAIT

7. September 2021
On 16 August 2021, BaFin published the 6th amendment to its minimum requirements for bank…

Dealing with buzzwords in the digital age

12. March 2021
When it comes to digital banking a lot of consultants and software vendors do their…

Mysterious blockchains and their applications

12. January 2020
Blockchains - the basics A blockchain is an electronic register for digital data sets, events…

Mastering large IT Transformations

27. October 2019
Usually transformation programs take several years, involve the consolidation of redundant IT systems, the introduction…

Enterprise Architecture – Standards and their relation

27. October 2019
An Enterprise Architecture is typically developed because key people have concerns that need to be…

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History of the Metaverse

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