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IT Governance

Leverage our experience in getting control over IT in the digital age and ensuring the delivery of value to key stakeholders.

Reorganization & Change

Managing reorganization projects including organizational transformation, change management and communication.

Agile Business Analysis

Our experts help clients in identifying business needs, determining solutions to current business challenges and managing changes in agile approaches.

IT Compliance Management

Our experts help to ensure that IT functions within organisations are operating in a compliant manner by verifying that the required IT governance policies, controls and standards are effectively managed.

Enterprise Architecture

Helping your organisation to actively manage and  standardize IT infrastructure & applications in alignment with business goals.

Risk-based Control

Helping customers to build control functions and internal governance structures to control their major business risks.

IT Assessments

Our clients get quick IT health checks, IT due diligence and IT readiness assessments to understand their risks, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in the digital age.

Digital Process Excellence

Our experts rethink client’s processes, help client in the definition of tailored best-practice business processes and deliver state-of-the art process automation wherever possible.

Agile Project Excellence

With state-of-the-art project management skills, our experts manage customer projects.

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Why we’re different

The market is dominated by consulting companies with rigid structures that have difficulties to adapt to the new customer requirements. At DIGITAL IMPACTS, we are intervening constructively, in order to dissolve deadlocked patterns.

We are disrupting consulting.

We are not the traditional type of consultants. Not any more. We managed to break free from rigidity and institutionalised forms that limited our mindset and our ambition.

As former employees of dominating consulting companies, we observed how industries got disrupted and how the expectations of our customers adapted to the new environment. As Management consulting is primarily human-driven, it needs to adapt in order to prove its value proposition.

Within the limiting borders of big consulting companies, consulting became inefficient, inflexible, and slow to adapt. Any of these weaknesses alone would threaten disruption — possessing all of them points to a major fight ahead.

We inspire.

We listen, learn and create stunning results our customers did not expect.

By rethinking current solutions with a digital mindset and creating a spirit of technology-driven simplicity,
we create new perspectives to our customers.


The challenge is not

the identification of new ideas,

but escaping from the old ones.

We’re DIGITAL IMPACTS, a network of consultants and industry experts located in the heart of Friedberg (Hessen). We connect our customers with industry experts and highly skilled consultants to inspire and guide them through their individual digital journeys.



Current Target Audience
  • Financial institutions
  • Public-Sector Institutions
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
    (dedicated SME Service Portfolio)
Our Specialties
  • IT Governance, IT Strategy
  • Governance, Risk, Compliance
  • Business Analysis, Requirements Engineering
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know-Your-Customer (KYC)
  • IT Assessments, IT Due Diligence
  • People & Change, Communication
  • Marketing

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