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DI:now series – Part 2: Our DI transformation process as a success factor

By 22. December 2023July 4th, 2024Insights

In the first part of our series, we highlighted current trends in the industry & the specific challenges facing utility companies.

These challenges form the starting point for our DI transformation process, which is described below.

At DIGITAL IMPACTS (DI), we support utility companies in making themselves digitally fit for the future and utilising the digital transformation as an opportunity. Our consulting services include:

  • Digitalisation of business processes
  • Improvement of data utilisation
  • Optimisation of the IT landscape
  • Support in change management
  • Conception of customer-orientated service offerings

We understand that the digital development of a company is a personalised process. Our DI transformation process offers customised support to make this development a success.

1. Tools: Digital innovation in line with IT trends

We recognise IT trends and make them tangible for you. For example, we support you in implementing digital solutions based on augmented reality. Measuring a house connection with a smartphone, including seamless documentation and transferring the data to a GIS (Geographic Information System), is effortless and automated.

Customer-orientated service offerings can be improved through the use of generative AI. For example, support or network enquiries can be processed via chatbots or intelligent online planning information.

We pool our expertise and experience to jointly develop and implement targeted solutions for your challenges in the digital age.

2. Resources: Transformation experts at your side

The implementation of digital projects often fails due to a lack of experts. In addition, employees are fully utilised by daily tasks and obligations. There is also often a lack of budget and resources to fill central coordination positions for digitalisation topics.

We recognise this problem and provide you with our highly qualified transformation experts.

3. Methodology: Our disruptive consulting approach

Depending on the digital maturity level of your company, we offer a customised methodology that flexibly adapts to your individual challenges.

Our experienced team not only has the necessary technical expertise, but also masters all facets of the project business. We support you from requirements analysis and planning through to successful implementation. In both classic and agile environments.


In the third part of our series, you will find out what our expertise consists of and what funding is available for our consulting services.

Visit our website to find out more and get in touch with us.

Part 1 of our DI:now series can be found here.

Moritz Bröchtel

Management Consultant

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