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Success Story: Our consulting services for setting up an innovative payment start-up

By 11. December 2023DI Splash News

The founders of Mona99 have set themselves the goal of developing and offering innovative payment solutions for private customers and small and medium-sized enterprises. Their customers should be able to open accounts conveniently and easily, make payments using virtual cards and mobile wallets and carry out other everyday tasks.

During this exciting process and while building the core team at Mona99, strategic advice with comprehensive expertise is crucial to ensure a successful launch of Mona99. The business model must be described, the license application submitted, the functional and technical architecture designed, and business and control processes defined.

We at DIGITAL IMPACTS took on this challenge with great commitment. Thanks to our expertise in the areas of payment transactions, cards, compliance and IT, we were able to cover almost all aspects internally. We also used our extensive network of experts to supplement specific subject areas.

We kept our promise and successfully delivered in various areas, from A for AML to I for IT security and Z for “ZV-Anbindung”. It fills us with joy to see Mona99 successfully launched and we are proud of what we have achieved.

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